How can you offer such valuable services for free? What's the catch? 

There is no catch! Site Selection Services receives a placement fee from the hotel after your group departs. We are paid from the hotels without compromising your rate. It is a win-win situation! The client benefits by saving time and paying less. In fact, we guarantee that you will pay less by utilizing our services. The large volume of group business we book worldwide gives us negotiating power that is used on your behalf. 

What does it take to qualify for COMPLIMENTARY SOURCING AND SITE SELECTION? 

Site Selection Services offers its complimentary services to any client (person or organization) planning a meeting or event that requires at least ten hotel rooms for one or more nights. 

I have to plan a meeting and have no idea where to start. How can you help? 

Site Selection Services works with meeting planners with all levels of experience. We also work with individuals and organizations that have no experience in meeting and event planning. We can provide a meeting planning guide to our clients that explains the meeting planning process. Ask us questions, we are here to help! 

I'm an experienced meeting planner, quite capable of locating hotels and resorts that meet my organization’s needs. Why should I use your services?

There are three good reasons why experienced meeting planners should use the complimentary services of Site Selection Services. We want to make you, the meeting planner, look good! 

1. TIME. As a professional meeting planner, you have many tasks to accomplish in a limited amount of time. We will assist you by taking on the burden of two of your biggest tasks: site selection and hotel contract negotiation. Because we specialize in these two particular areas, we are very competent at accomplishing them, allowing you to rest easy that you have delegated them to a dependable ally. We will gather all of the hotel brochures and sales kits and present them to you in an organized fashion. 

2. KNOWLEDGE. Our many years in this business have allowed us to amass an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. We make it our business to research all locations and venues that might serve your needs. We provide our clients with the latest information about hotel mergers and takeovers, renovation schedules, competing events, and any other factors that might influence their site selection decision.

3. MONEY. Because of the sheer volume of business that we provide to hotels around the world we guarantee we will get better rates and more perks than you may receive at hotels where you have had long-standing relationships. We are fierce negotiators and are here to work for you!

I am working on a tight time frame and need answers promptly, how quickly can you perform the hotel search for me?

All it takes to start the process is one simple phone call, fax, or email from you to us. You let us know your time frame. We will get responses to you before your deadline, guaranteed. 

For what size meetings do you offer your services? 

We provide our complimentary services for any event requiring a minimum of ten hotel rooms for at least one night. We handle meetings and events ranging from small board meetings and corporate incentive trips to large scale conferences and conventions. 

How can you guarantee the lowest room rates and the most perks? 

We represent a broad client base and we book a tremendous number of meetings and over 60,000 hotel room nights each year. This gives us more bargaining power than individual companies and corporations who act on their own. Consequently, we routinely obtain rates well below those quoted by hotels as "business rates" and "negotiated rates". 

Do you only represent a specific chain of hotels? 

No. Site Selection Services is independent of the hotel industry and represents all hotels and hotel chains. If our client has a particular hotel in mind, we make sure that it is on the list of potential sites we contact concerning that event. However, we also like to suggest other possibilities so that the client has a full range of choices. We will continue to work with any property that consistently provides high quality service to our clients. We routinely follow up with clients after an event to assess their satisfaction of that property.