Destination Wilderness :: Properties and Programs focusing on Nature and Adventure

Photo: Chris Burkhard,

Photo: Chris Burkhard,

Have you ever considered a wilderness destination for your company meeting or retreat? 
Has an eco-resort in Costa Rica, glamping in Montana or a dude ranch in Colorado ever been tossed around as possible meeting or incentive destination?  What about adding an outdoor team building activity to bring your attendees into nature for your next conference?  

If you have never considered these ideas, maybe you should!

We live in an overstimulated, always available, expect-to-be- connected-24/7 society where many busy professionals  crave the thought of being one with nature to clear the mind and unplug from the daily tasks, schedules, conference calls, emails and meetings.   

Fresh air and memorable outdoor surroundings often lead to fresh thinking, and, as a result, exciting new ideas. In addition, many planners say meetings in nature can generate a more relaxed atmosphere, which often results in enhanced personal and working relationships. 

To get the ideas flowing, we’ve shared some potential properties  you may want to consider when planning your next meeting or escape:   

Travel & Leisure compiled a list of best Nature  Resorts in the U.S. highlighting their unique amenities & activities that give guests a connection to the earth’s surroundings – think organic sustainable food, relaxing and healing team building events, forest bathing – ever heard of this?,  sunrise  yoga, river rafting, mountain biking and more!

Reader’s Digest also composed a list of 15 Hotels where guests can reconnect with nature, without having to dismiss modern amenities.  Many of these hotels are geared towards a small team retreat, with minimal meeting space unless you are willing to take your meetings “out of the box”, literally, and into nature. 

Take a look at these 18 amazing hotels in nature,  featured in Escape  
From a New Zealand countryside inn, to quirky Chilean Patagonia rain forest accommodations, to igloos in Finland, you will create unforgettable memories in these naturist resorts and venues. They are certainly one of a kind.


If you need to ease into this idea of being “one with nature” and are not ready to commit to a wellness resort in Tucson or secluded dude ranch in Montana for your next corporate meeting,  what about adding an outdoor team building event or adventure sport to your conference agenda?   Many adventure companies will customize a team building activity and bring the adventure to you!

Based in the Bay area, Adventure Out  specializes in corporate team building programs with a mission “to help people fall back in love with nature.”   They create adventure-based programs to meet your groups specific needs and philosophies. From 1-day team-building exercises, to week-long retreats,  Adventure Out has the outdoor opportunity you are looking for. 

Team Bonding will bring a customized outdoor team building to any company in any city.  Remember summer camp? Does it elicit fond, lifelong memories?  One of TeamBondings signature programs is Summer Camp Throwback:  “Your group will be split up into teams of 10-12, and each team will create their own camp themed name and a team cheer to go with it. After some traditional camp energizers,  such as the Human Knot and Helium Pole, teams will break off to compete in the main camp challenges which you select and customize beforehand.”  
Adult Summer Camp might be just what you need to re-energize your team and build some comradery and  team spirit!

Taking your attendees out in nature may create more out-of- the-box thinking, generate new ideas and the unique shared experience may create stronger bonds which can be very helpful when everyone returns back to the office.  

We hope some of these resources may pique your interest and have opened a vision for a new & adventured experience in your near future!