Top 5 Reasons We LOVE the Meetings and Events Industry


As event professionals, we help our customers create remarkable events that wow audiences and bridge the gap between idea and execution.

We love what we do — and here are a few reasons why.

5 Reasons We Love the Meetings and Events industry

Variety, every day is a different day

Most people live their lives in a pretty set schedule, but event professionals aren’t afforded the same experience.

A typical day as an event planner can entail spending hours on the phone and jumping from fire to fire. It can also entail hopping on a plane to Europe to perform a quick site inspection or pre-plan for conference, having social media conversations with influencers to promote an event, analyzing an event budget and creating specialty menus to fit to stay within parameters or going wine tasting to find the right “blend” of venues to create a unique experience for your clients’ incentive trip.

This variety teaches us how to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently to serve our customers’ needs, making us excellent problem solvers that thrive in fast-paced environments.

This keeps us on our toes, motivating us to come into the office each day because every day is a new and different day.

Surprises Reinvigorate Us

Meeting and Event planning, as in business, is not without hiccups. From last-minute attendee flight cancellations to unexpected problems with the conference venue — obstacles keep us on our toes.

We’re used to this unexpected chaos and have a Plan B for (almost) every situation. Our customers rely on us being the problem solvers, coming up with solutions at a moment’s notice.

But not only that, it also drives us. In these instances, when we’re juggling one problem and the next, we’re filled with excitement and energy utilizing our resources and expertise to navigate a solution while calmly telling our customer “Don’t worry. We got this.”

It’s a high we’re happy to experience particularly when it gives us a chance to shine and prove why we are successful event professionals.

We Let Our Creative Juices Flow

One of the things we love the most about our career path is the opportunity to express our creativity. We can play with a number of different factors — from creating a masterpiece on a blank canvas event space to finessing a small budget event into a memorable experience.

Creativity is essential for success. Luckily for us, this creativity is an innate part of the job.

We Meet New People and Grow Powerful Networks

We work with vendors across the globe. Therefore, we have connections with people across industries, countries and beyond.

And these connections become family.

This ability to constantly meet new people, engage with them on a personal level and immerse ourselves in so many different experiences really makes the event planning industry one of the best industries in the world.

We Bring People Together

One of the best feelings is watching the people you put on an event for truly enjoying themselves and being “wow’d” by a unique experience or venue. After several weeks or months of hard work, there is no greater feeling than seeing a conference or event come together without a hitch.

We love making people happy — it’s our job but it’s also our passion. By understanding and producing the wishes of your client effectively and within budget, we’ve created long term loyalty with many customers and companies. Many of these long term business relationships have transferred into lifelong friendships.

The Power of Corporate Event Planning

Whether fining a venue for a product launch in New York or recommending the perfect hotel for an unforgettable incentive trip, event professionals like ourselves love being able to use our expertise to guide our customers to make the best decisions.

But beyond the benefits we offer your business, we also truly love what we do and love who we get to work with!

If you would love to learn more about what we do or want to consider a career in meeting and event planning, send us a note. We’d love to connect.